What my clients are saying:

"I ran my first half marathon on Sunday and even though I had an injury that did not allow me to be as consistent as I would have liked, all considered, it went well. Not only did I finish it, but I did it at exactly the pace that we trained and averaged 10:03 minutes per mile. And this goes to your credit. Without your coaching I could have NEVER run a half marathon.  Ever.  So, once again, thank you." - running client

"Christine is an awesome coach - she leads with a steady and calm encouragement that always keeps me going forward, even during those times I've thought I just can't run any farther. She's excellent at listening, and knows just how hard to push to keep her running group heading together in the right direction. I've been lucky enough to have Christine coach me through several classes, and she has somehow managed to make this non-morning person look forward to waking up and running with her at 5am. Even better, she gets results! I've typically run about an 11:00-11:30 pace for the last couple of years.  After doing speed work with her for only 6 weeks, I just ran my first 5K, and I beat my goal to run it in less than 30 minutes, with an average of 9:32 minutes per mile." - long time running client after speed class

"Christine is knowledgeable in health and nutrition and about how different foods interact with the body in both positive and negative ways. Through my work with her, I was able to identify some food sensitivities that were impacting my body and exhibiting through dry skin, bloating and headaches. In my coaching sessions, she always exhibits a high level of empathy and compassion and I was able to tell that she sincerely cares about me." - wellness coaching client

"Thank you for your encouragement. I know I definitely would not have survived the 8 mile race without the training you provided." - running client

"I am so appreciative of your constant encouragement and positive attitude." - wellness coaching client

"Saturday I completed my first official half marathon! It was a wonderful experience overall, and I was able to note a few things to make my next race experience even better. It was lonely running without the group, but I stuck to some upbeat songs on my iPod. At mile 6.5, I started to wonder why I was doing this to myself. Between mile 11-12, I began to tear up just a bit...because a year ago I couldn't even imagine completing a 5K; let alone a half marathon. The support and training that you have provided me completely changed my life, and I wouldn't trade in my early mornings with you guys for anything. Thank you for helping me reach my goal; I look forward to continue training and running future marathons!" - running client after first half marathon

"Christine, you are a great coach and motivator and it has been a great pleasure and learning experience taking three running classes with you. Thank you!" - running client

"I was amazed that Christine could link what I was eating (or not eating) to some bothersome conditions that I was experiencing. For quite some time, I was feeling exhausted and cold and she was able to trace this back to an iodine deficiency. Within about 3 weeks of supplementing with iodine, I felt normal again. She listens to understand and as a result, I felt heard and acknowledged." - wellness coaching client

"Five, count 'em, FIVE firsts in my yoga class last night. Thanks!" - yoga student

"Christine is great--I really love her classes. She is very patient and thoroughly explains poses. She gives amazing tips for making our practice better." - yoga student

"Christine is one of my favorite yoga teachers. If she taught all of the classes, I am pretty sure I would be there ALL of the time. Keep up the amazing work and positive attitude!" - yoga student

"I totally CRUSHED the my half marathon on Sunday. Fastest half marathon time ever by more than 6 minutes. I am amazed at how much faster my times have been since starting the training group earlier this year. Thanks again for all your help!" - running client

"In my work with Christine, I learned to see food as fuel. As an older woman, she helped me recognize that I should be putting nutritious food into my body so that not only will I live a longer life, but that I will also live a healthier life. I want to feel good in my golden years! Throughout this process, she kept me accountable while offering creative solutions when my goals needed to be adjusted. Best of all, she is authentic and practices what she preaches. She knows what works and lives it in her own life." - wellness coaching client

"Christine is an excellent teacher with a very positive energy and great direction with the poses." - yoga student

"Thanks for a great class, Christine! You always bring such positive energy to the room; it makes me want to smile even in the tougher postures." - yoga student

"Great calm and sincere energy and instruction from Christine. The students were all very focused so it was a really enjoyable class." - yoga student

"I always love Christine's classes. She is thorough, grounded and uplifting. I brought a guest with me and was happy to see her smiling face behind the front desk because I knew he would have a wonderful first experience. Her pacing and instruction are impeccable." - yoga student

"I had to write to tell you thank you for the running tips you passed on in the class this Spring. Even though it was focused on a 5K, I used those tips in my training and prep for the half and was able to shave off 14 minutes from my first half in March!" - running client after first half marathon

"Christine helped me finally change my relationship with food. My whole life, I looked at food as being “good” or “bad”. Through my work with her, I have been able to reframe my thinking. One of the most helpful things I learned about was the importance of eating fibrous foods—that they are helpful in keeping me full and flushing bacteria out of my body. Her approach is kind, thoughtful and supportive all while gently driving change." - wellness coaching client

"Your great coaching got me addicted to good running habits. I am very thankful for your hard work and support." - running client after first marathon

"Thank you for all your help and leadership these past six months. Despite some setbacks in my training due to injury I still finished better than what I had expected and feel great today. You were pivotal in helping me reach my goal and I am truly grateful." - running client after first marathon