Flavored Popcorn that is Healthy

Let’s face it….it is hard to resist a salty snack. I am a confirmed potato chip addict (is there such a thing as Potato Chip Addicts Anonymous?). I go through periods of time where I eat chips every day and then others when I put myself on restriction. I recently did a juice cleanse for 3 days and decided to make some healthy changes at the end—which means no more potato chips. I have been looking for a healthy savory snack and I have found it!

You all know I love kitchen gadgets. The Cuisinart Easy Pop Popcorn Maker came to the rescue! I know that people love the convenience of microwave popcorn, but did you know that it contains carcinogens? In fact, microwave popcorn is one of the unhealthiest things you can eat. The Cuisinart Easy Pop Popcorn Maker is effortless to use! Simply add two teaspoons of oil (I use peanut), 1/3 cup of organic popcorn kernels, turn it on and wait a few minutes for freshly popped corn. YUM! Did I mention that it is easy to clean? All parts fit in the dishwasher.

Now to add some flavor without any calories….check out my recipe for healthy cheesy popcorn. (Guess what….it is vegan too!)

Be sure to make a generous batch so that you have some on hand when that salty craving hits. Now sit back and enjoy.